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How to I send in my slide for work?

Select the services you are wanting and go to the checkout and place the order. In the checkout at the top there is a form to print and fill out. Send the form with your slide. The form has the address and instructions on how to mail your slide to me.

How to I select my cerakote colors?

In the checkout there is a message/notes section. Please write in your cerakote colors in this message section. You also can write them on the form you mail in with your slide.

I don't see my model of Glock with the design I want. Can you do it?

Not all designs are compatible with all Glock models. Some are and we just have not yet programmed it yet. Some we don’t plan to offer for every model. If you want to email and ask, we can tell you for sure if it is do able or not.

Do you offer Military / LEO discount?

Yes, we do. Please email us some sort of ID proof and we can get you the coupon code. Good for 5% off sitewide.

What is the lead time for slide milling services?

The lead time changes from time to time. The home page has the most up to date lead time. We do our absolute best to get it done before the lead time, however this is just an estimate and things do happen that might take longer. A lot of our lead time is based on the cerakote selection. Black always goes fastest and camo always the longest. Optic cutouts normally go quicker than a full slide milling package.